Dear Bonus Sons: I Love You!

Dear boys,
I didn’t give birth to you. I didn’t get to feed you a bottle, or spend countless hours trying to rock you back to sleep at all hours of the night.I wasn’t there to see you take your first steps, and I didn’t get to see your face a sugary mess as you dove into your first birthday cake.I missed out on most of the first milestones of your young life, only getting to live them through pictures that I found on your dad’s computer.

When I first started dating your dad, people would give me unsolicited advice about how hard it was dating a man who already had kids.

They were right. In the beginning it was very hard.They told me that I would never be your mother. And I didn’t want to be.You already had a mother. An amazing mother, that I never would want to try to replace.

But over the years, my love for you grew like dandelions.You became my babies.And although I didn’t get to experience some of your firsts, there are plenty of things I have been able to do.

I was there for your first T-ball game and cheered you on as you got your first run.I was there for late nights with the flu, and the long days that followed.I was there for your first day of school, as you anxiously stood in line ready to show off your new found independence.

And I have been there for plenty of birthday cake.

Time flew by at the blink of an eye, and here we are nine years later.You are playing with your baby brother and sister. The babies I did give birth to. I know things are changing as we enter this new season of our lives. But I want you to know something.

Just because I didn’t have you in my belly for nine months, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.You taught me about motherhood and showed me what it feels like to love unconditionally.

You are my babies just as much as your little siblings are and I love you more than anything.You may be my stepsons, but I will always love you like you are my own.

And I look forward to a lot more birthday cake.


Your bonus mom