Have you ever stepped back and looked at your life, and noted all the things that had to happen in order for you to get right here, where you are now?

I do that often.

If I had to describe myself, I’d tell you that I am a dreamer and always have some kind of project going on. Whether it is co-hosting my podcast, writing a piece for a mommy blog, or making baby bows for my side gig, There is always something keeping my mind busy.

I graduated from college in 2010 with a bachelors degree in communications. My dream was to move out-of-state and get a job as a morning radio show producer.

Those dreams changed when I started dating my now husband the summer after graduation. He had two young kids, so his roots were set here, in Michigan.

We got married 3 summers later, and I officially became a bonus mama to his two boys, Nick and Will.

The following summer we decided to expand our family, but it didn’t come as easily as we thought it would. We spent the next 3 years trying to conceive- but it wasn’t happening.

Writing about our experience with infertility helped lead me into blogging. I started my own blog, Life At 30 Something and contributed a couple of posts to The Huff Post as well. I kept myself busy writing, but infertility was really taking a toll on me mentally.

In 2017 the company I was working for changed their benefits and made it possible for us to do IVF. We started our first round that April, and our son Jack was born the following January on Nick’s 11th birthday!